The Average Indian Size – Penis Size in India

average indian size

The average Indian size has been decreasing over the years. The population in India has grown exponentially since 1971, and the male organ has not fared much better. Bollywood actresses are divas, and the size of female leads is rarely larger than six. However, this doesn’t mean that the average Indian size is a sexless statistic. In fact, it is quite the opposite. The number of obese women in India has decreased dramatically.

The size of a man’s penis varies

According to the World Health Organization, the average penis size is between four and five inches. If the Indian men are worried about their penis size, they can go see a sexologist and have his or her penis measured. The size of a man’s penis varies widely from person to person, so it is vital to check with a professional.

In Mumbai, over masturbation, age, and weight can also affect the penis size. Over masturbation can damage the penile nerves and reduce penis size. Certain medications can also affect penis size. Some of these medications can lead to shrinkage. Over masturbation, smoking, and over-eating can all reduce penis size. These factors will also increase penis length and quality, affecting the average Indian male organ.

average indian penis size

Average penis size of an Indian man

In the meantime, the Indian penis size is largely unnoticeable to women. A recent study conducted by the Indian Council for Medical Research involving over 1,200 volunteers found that penises in India are shorter than the international norm. It is a shame, considering that penises are not a woman’s first consideration. It can even affect a man’s sex life. It’s difficult to find an XXL condom in India.

Many men in India are surprised to learn about their penis size. The average Indian male organ is about one-half inch shorter than the average American penis. This is not a problem, however, as long as a man’s penis is long enough, he won’t have any trouble. But men who are uncomfortable with their penis size might find themselves in trouble. It may even be a sign of inferiority.

The average penis size of an Indian man is a size that is ideal for both anal and prostate stimulation. As a result, it is easy to rip apart if the body is too small or too big. A dildo can be used to perform different functions. For example, it can be shaped like a real penis.